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fm2x limited prefers to provide form design, interfacing, consulting, application development and training to meet your exact needs within its basic service provision prices, billed annually or monthly. This approach provides "cash-flow-friendly", cost transparency for clients (absolutely no "hidden extras") and financial stability for fm2x. Services, however, can also be quoted separately, on a "per-volume" basis, per user charge or as a "capital-friendly" project, back or front loaded.
Prices for fm2x Internet-based services are highly competitive with developing equivalent systems in-house, using generalist software development firms or even developing offshore. Customised fm2x data entry systems start at £200 per month and development times are days, not months or years. The reason fm2x prices can be this low and timescales so short is that we specialise primarily in data entry systems, leverage decades of expertise in the field with powerful software tools developed specifically for this purpose and operate your data entry applications on remote servers.
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