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Software as a Service (Saas becomes Data as a Service (DaaS) - fm2x limited customers need not pay for data collection software, but only for the data that are collected on their behalf. fm2x can create full data entry, processing and reporting systems of almost arbitrary complexity.
Data entry forms - fm2x limited specialises in high-volume web-based data entry forms as a remote application service provider (ASP). fm2x provides form design, interfacing and consulting to meet your exact needs within its basic service provision price. fm2x is particularly attractive for operating high-volume, long-running data entry applications, even embedded within in-house applications.
Surveys - fm2x provides web-based panel services for survey providers. The panel offering includes consultancy, design and implementation, panel member registration, remuneration handling, real time and batch panel data transfer, portal login, real time and batch panel reporting and analysis, panelist editing (both by panelists and the survey provider) and error/complaint reporting. Like fm2x data entry form services, pricing is independent of the number of panels and the number of panelists registered. fm2x also operates long-running or complex surveys for clients.
Website analysis - fm2x offers a service, trax, for monitoring page and link traffic. Pages and links are monitored with simple, lightweight HTML tokens; no Javascript is required. Unlike monitoring services such as Google Analytics or Urchin which provide only IP identification of users, trax is able to monitor clearly identified, individual users.
Applications - fm2x develops forms into full applications, integrating multiple forms and providing customised back-end processing software development.
In-house systems - fm2x normally would recommend remote ASP to clients as the most economical and secure route. fm2x will, however, install its software on in-house operated servers for clients. fm2x will either operate such systems for clients or train clients to operate them internally.


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