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fm2x technology has been used since 1990 by small and large on-line US, UK and European market research companies. fm2x technology has been used by:
  • Medix UK plc, a leading Internet-based medical research company. It has been used by Medix for over a hundred of their international clients to collect hundreds of thousands of individual entries during this time.
  • IPT, the UK's largest online data collector, to acquire high volume user entries for two product offerings. These involved 11 forms; almost 5m entries were collected over a year.
  • youthinmind Ltd harnesses computers and the Internet for the psychological well-being of people. fm2x technology is employed in an internationally-deployed psychiatric assessment system involving nearly 400 forms and collection of over 8m entries to date.
  • Kable (now part of Guardian Professional) is a "point of contact for ICT businesses aiming to prosper in the public sector arena, and for public servants wanting to make informed, smarter choices about the impact of technology on public service delivery". fm2x develops and deploys survey questionnaires for Kable.
  • Z/Yen Z/Yen helps organisations make better choices. Z/Yen is a commercial think-tank that "spots, solves and acts". Since the inception of fm2x, Z/Yen has been a frequent client, partner, supplier and supporter. Together, we have developed and deployed dozens of applications for clients in a range of fields.
  • The Cabinet Office is responsible for supporting the Prime Minister and Cabinet of the United Kingdom. fm2x has developed several large systems (e.g., over 1250 questions in 375 pages to some 1200 UK-wide users) in support of a vital function of the Cabinet Office.

Case History - A major UK outsourcing company with 30,000 employees at circa 30 UK locations was piloting a new web-based service for its employees. The pilot was to take four months to develop. Working as a subcontractor, fm2x limited was able to deliver an enterprise scale prototype in two days! The prototype recording up to 17,000 actions per day and at a peak rate in excess of 500 actions per minute. This client was not only able to prototype the service technically, they were able to prototype it with 11.5k users on an enterprise scale, gaining highly valuable insights into how the final service should look and operate. The sevice prototyped was delivered to 28,000 employees on time and to budget; 78% of first day users ratied the new service as better than the previous service and 21% rated it as good as the previous.

Case History - New Venture Analytics (NVA) collects business plan data from applicants seeking funding for their business ventures on behalf of investment firms. From a simple list of questions, fm2x limited developed a robust, ready-to-use system involving ten forms, 268 fields and a customised menu in less than a working week. All data are editable by applicants via the Internet, data are validated on-line, security considerations are built-in, the application is W3C compliant and the system can handle at least 300 entries per hour. The system will cost NVA only a few hundred pounds a month. Compare fm2x costs with your current costs and times to bring an equivalent system to life, not to mention operating it over its lifetime!


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