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The underlying technical platform of the fm2x service is “LAMP”:
  • Linux operating system
  • Apache web server
  • MySQL database
  • Python programming language.

The main fm2x server is provided by a subsidiary of PIPEX and is located in a data centre in London Docklands. The current hardware specification is a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz with 512mb of RAM and 80gb hard disk. A backup server is available on which the websites, Qii data and the Qii applications are installed; the backup server is provided by another provider at a completely different physical location. A backup of the main server data and Qii application to the backup server is performed daily.
All fm2x application components are invoked and controlled by web browser. There are no browser specific features in Qii; Firefox, Opera and IE browsers are employed routinely. The forms engine conforms to W3C priority one, two and three accessibility guidelines. All functionality can be invoked either via http or https.
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