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To overcome the problems of developing data entry applications, fm2x employs a proprietary, specialised, end-to-end application development and deployment platform, Qii. Qii is the result of over a decade of research and development by Professor Mike Smith. Qii permits a small, physically dispersed team to create and operate dozens of new forms per week, no matter how large the responding audience, without introducing error or significant delay for clients.
The Qii platform permits multiple, simultaneous forms to operate with response rates in excess of 300 per hour, even with modestly configured servers (e.g., Pentium 4 2.8Ghz, 512mb). Figure 1 shows Qii operating 12 concurrent forms while simultaneously having the database backed up and generating a report and data extract for a project of some 25k responses.
Figure 1
Figure 1: Qii performance under load (0800, 3 May 2006).
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