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Tremendous changes in the economics of enterprise-scale systems have taken place since 2000. The widespread availability of reliable commodity broadband means that communications links that would have cost £millions in 2000 can now be had for under £100 per node per year via the Internet. Reliable, high performance database management systems that would have cost £100k-£1m in 2000 are now free via open source. Servers that might have cost £50k-£100k in 2000 now cost under £1k per year. Organisations not converting their applications to the Internet and open source may be missing the opportunity to save orders-of-magnitude costs. fm2x limited is a means by which organisations can achieve this transition with little risk.
Data entry forms are the lifeblood of most business systems. Ordinarily, creation of forms, collection of responses, editing existing responses, processing and analysis of responses and overall management of the process is labour-intensive and error-prone. Many days of painstaking effort usually are required to develop and test each form. Without a carefully designed and largely automated system for this process, fm2x would be unable to manage the large number of diverse forms and similar instruments essential for its clients.
fm2x software has operated hundreds of thousands of forms for a range of international clients since 2000. Developed by a prominent UK computer scientist over more than a decade, fm2x is focused on transaction integrity, user productivity and application availability. Data collected are available to clients as standard reports, CSV/SPSS downloads or real-time feeds.
fm2x forms are fully featured HTML and do not require complex JavaScript. This allows operation via "lowest common denominator" PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. AJAX can be incorporated where needed, however. Hand-customised forms can be interfaced to the fm2x system and fm2x forms can be embedded within existing web sites. fm2x forms are compliant with W3C WCAG accessibility priorities 1, 2 and 3. fm2x applications are tested on IE, Firefox, Opera and Navigator.

fm2x is exploring the practical application of Block Chains. This development is deliberately outside the context of Bitcoin and other cybercurrencies which fm2x sees as a possible distraction for of block chains with files and messages in serious business applications. fm2x has an operational block chain platform for handling files and messages that is fully integrated with its software for rapid development of customised high-security, high-volume data entry systems for the Internet.
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