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fm2x does not do minty fresh - 'In virtually every decade there's at least one transformational technology that promises to revolutionize the enterprise, slash operational costs, reduce capital expenditures, align your IT initiatives with your core business practices, boost employee productivity, and leave your breath clean and minty fresh.'
Data and software as a Service - fm2x limited is a development and deployment service provider of customised, high-volume, highly secure Internet-based data entry systems at prices orders of magnitude lower than alternatives such as Oracle, SAP, Confirmit or in-house development. fm2x provides form design, application interfacing / embedding and consulting to meet your exact needs, within a flexible service pricing schedule. fm2x is particularly attractive for operating high-volume, long-running specialised data entry systems, including those embedded within, with or without in-house applications. Let us quote you for back-end processing software development, as well.
Block Chain - fm2x limited curently is exploring the practical value of block chains, outside the context of Bitcoin and other cybercurrencies. fm2x has an operational block chain platform that is fully integrated with its software for rapid development of customised high-security, high-volume data entry systems for the Internet.
Surveys - fm2x software has provided Internet-based services for survey providers, such as Medix UK. The fm2x offering includes consultancy, design and implementation, panel member registration, remuneration handling, real time and batch panel data transfer, portal login, real time and batch panel reporting and analysis, panelist editing (both by panelists and the survey provider) and error/complaint reporting. Pricing can be made independent of the number of panels and the number of panelists registered. fm2x also operates long-running or complex surveys for clients.
Systems - online data entry is likely to be a vital organisational function. Few organisations, however, see data entry systems as "interesting" or giving them competitive advantage, except for the data collected and its use. Implementing data entry systems via the Internet gives organisations flexible new deployment paradigms (e.g., distributed entry, customer entry) with potential for radically reduced cost of data entry operations. A great deal of skill and experience, however, is required to develop, maintain and operate data entry systems reliably and securely. fm2x has the skills and deployment platform to do this for orders-of-magnitude cost reductions over traditional approaches. The UK's Cabinet Office is a major client for fm2x systems.
Prototyping/Feasibility - the order(s) of magnitude time and cost improvement of the fm2x service means that it is possible to explore application feasibility in a tangible way that users intuitively understand and permit evaulation on an enterprise scale. It is like an architect being able show clients the actual building, not just drawings or models; oh, and by the way, clients can just move right in if they like what they see.


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